Vision, mission, and values statements

Aura’s Chocolate Bar

The Vision Statement

  • To enhance people’s lives through an unforgettable sensorial experience 
  • The Mission Statement

  • To create chocolate masterpieces by combining the best cacao in the world, the best ingredients and passionate people
  • The Values Statement

  • Employee engagement 
  • Our employees are our first customers. We want them to embrace our brand as theirs, and we strive to provide them with more than a paycheck. We do this by always sticking to our vision, mission, and core values; by striving to constantly improve our working environment and culture, and by providing them with a stake in the outcome
  • Commitment to quality
  • Chocolate, ingredients, and spirits must be high-quality products and tell a story of its own
  • Customer education
  • Let’s share the wonderful world of cacao and its differences to help customers find their favorite flavor match
  •  Customer service to customers and suppliers
  • We want our customers to return, we’ll do our best to fix any issues regardless of who’s at fault
  • Diversity and acceptance 
  • Getting the work done correctly and with passion is the most important requisite 
  • Teamwork:
  • Beyond your position in the company, helping fellow coworkers is encouraged and appreciated