About Us

Aura's Chocolate Bar

Artisan Chocolate Confections

Aura's Chocolate Bar was established in September 2017 in a culinary incubator in Warren, Rhode Island, best known as Hope and Main.
Aura’s passion for chocolate began while attending Johnson and Wales University for the Baking and Pastry Arts program, during an internship at Hebert's Candy Mansion in Massachusetts, a company that has handcrafted chocolates and gifts for more than a hundred years. 
Since 2013, Aura, our Chocolatier and founder, has been working exclusively in the Art of Chocolate production.
Born in Venezuela, Aura gives others the experience to taste a piece of her homeland in her creations. She blends a unique combination of Venezuelan cacao, recognized as one of the best in the world, with local ingredients from New England that envelop the richness of the chocolate’s taste. She is also opening to cacao of other latitudes such as Dominican Republic and Ecuador.
Recently, she has been “experimenting” with other types of cacao such as the “Ruby,” which is considered the “fourth” type of chocolate alongside dark, milk, and white. 

Aura’s Chocolate Bar is located in
beautiful Rhode Island.
All confections are made with quality
ingredients and provide gluten-free and vegan options.

We hope you enjoy them.
Your feedback is welcome, please contact us at  info@auraschocolatebar.com
Confections by Pastry Chef Aura Fajardo Quintero
AS and BS degrees in Baking and Pastry Arts Food Service Management from Johnson and Wales University, RI
AS degree in Graphic Design from the “Instituto de Diseño de Caracas”, Venezuela.